Organization,  Critical Reading, and Evidence-Based Writing

Today’s students have so many demands.  Many students need a more personal and customized support system with a professional for a variety of reasons.  My work with students is as varied as they are., and my goal is to help them develop academic and life skills they will use for decades.

What I’m up to . . .

Columbia University’s Teacher’s College Writing Institute. June 2017.  In a word: transformative. Students have to write to learn to write., and a lot of volume. They need a framework and topics meaningful to them but connected to personal essay topics or academic reading

Columbia University’s Teacher’s College Reading Institute. August 2017.  Excited to be raised to yet another higher level of teaching consciousness.

Academic Coaching and Tutoring.   Summer Skills Brush Ups are underway!

Summer 2017 Programs: I’ve created some new, fun Spanish and English literacy programs.  Right On Reading! Right On Writing! Stay tuned.

University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop On-Line.  Writing Identities and Social Issues in Fiction and Non-Fiction. 

Writing, writing, writing! I write travel articles for my blog, and I report to my weekly writer’s workshop. E-courses on all types of writing are my background music. 

How I loved the American School of Bombay in January 2017!  My customized Spanish and English enrichment programs ran at the beginning of January in Mumbai, India. Spanish for Little Learners, KidSpanish, Speak Spanish Now and Around the World in 5 Days (English) were a hit!

Travel Articles on Travel photos are on

Recent Teaching Experience

  • Spanish II Teacher at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, NC August 2015- June 2016.
  • Substitute teacher AP Spanish at the Charlotte Country Day School in Charlotte, NC. August 2014- May 2015.

Training, Coaching, and Workshops Are Available for Schools, Organizations, and Businesses

  • Instructional methods and classroom management workshops
  • Creating teaching materials
  • Teaching content in the target language
  • Communication skills with parents, families, and co-workers
  • Curriculum and materials writing
  • Training module and professional course creation and instruction




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