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School Year 2016-17 starts in a few weeks! Are you and your student(s) ready? A major component of School Year Prep is scheduling activities, lessons, practices, games, and competitions in small, finite time-blocks. One student’s schedule can be like a Rubik’s cube.

Online Tutoring

So get ahead and schedule academic activities and support now. My new Online Tutoring services provide students with their skill and content needs via SKYPE and virtual white-board software.  All that a student needs is a computer or a mobile device, and we can connect face-to-face, screen-to-screen via the Internet. Students who engage in online, or virtual tutoring, give it rave reviews for convenience, privacy, and focus.

  • No carpooling or transit time to tutoring sessions
  • Easier on the family schedule
  • More opportunities for the busy student to get tutoring sessions

I provide tutoring services for critical reading, writing, language arts and English content, Spanish,  and study skills for all ages. Given my wide range of teaching experiences in several different types of schools, I can customize a program exactly to a student’s needs.

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