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Summer Skills Practice

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Here are my favorite Apps and video tutorials for subjects that require memorization, retention, and linear skill building. Our digi-kids love apps, but at times there is no better drill and practice material than a good, old fashioned note-card or a folded sheet of paper. The key is interacting with content and skills, and then tons of repetitions.

Flash Card Apps

I’m a fan if the student CREATES HIS OR HER OWN FLASH-CARDS. Lots of students think that the secret to academic success is using the pre-made flash-card sets of other student-users; I’ve seen too many kids fall in to this trap.

Quizlet. The now old stand bye. Electronic flashcards and automatically generated tests. The tests are the most effective feature so make sure your student uses them.
Study Blue. Beautiful e-flashcards that can include photos and images.
GFlashPro. Interfaces with Google Apps and Google Docs. Most students use these at school so this is an easy add-on.


Khan Academy. So perfect for grades 8-12. Great reviews of hard-core academic subjects with crystal clear explanations and visual supports. College entrance test prep too.

Spanish Grammar Tutorial Videos. Grades 7-12. The Sr. Jordan videos are short with lots of visual supports.

Foreign Language Practice

Conjuguemos. Grades 7-12. Verb conjugation practice for SEVERAL LANGUAGES.